Review of “Vertical Marriage”

Book Description
He never saw it coming. It was the night of Dave and Ann’s tenth wedding anniversary and if asked how their marriage was doing, Dave would have said a 9.8 out of 10 and he even guaranteed Ann would say the same. But instead of giving a celebratory kiss, Ann whispered, “I’ve lost my feelings for you.”
Divorce seemed inevitable. But starting that night, God began to reveal to Dave and Ann the most overlooked secret of getting the marriage we are looking for: the horizontal marriage relationship just doesn’t work until the vertical relationship with Christ is first.
As founders of a multi-campus church and marriage coaches with 30 years of experience, Dave and Ann share the hard-earned but easy-to-apply biblical principles that ensure a strong marriage. Written in a funny and highly relatable dialogue between both husband and wife, Vertical Marriage will guide you toward building a vibrant relationship at every level including communication, conflict, intimacy, and romance—though Dave is still figuring that last one out. Through their unique perspectives, they share an intimate, sometimes hilarious and at times deeply poignant narrative of one couple’s journey to reconnecting with God and discovering the joy and power of a vertical marriage.
For anyone who is married, preparing for marriage, or desperate to save a relationship teetering on the edge of disaster, Dave and Ann offer hope and strategies that really work. Vertical Marriage will give you the insight, applications, and inspiration to reconnect with God together and to transform your marriage to everything you hoped it would be.

My personal review of this material

Not sure about you but my marriage has been far from roses and sunshine , major ups and downs but at the end of the day we are still married and still working on how we should be as a married couple 16 years later.

Dave and Ann did a fantastic job on giving married couples a look into what god wants your marriage to look like, but it take work and lots of it to get to where you want your marriage to be. There are FOUR parts to this book, ” Going Vertical”, “Conflict and Communication”, Intimacy”, and Living Vertical”. My favorites were Part 2 and Part 3 because I got a load of light bulbs going off in my head while reading and will re read this whole book again but with highlighters! This book had me crying, laughing, and then praying while I read certain things. Dave and Ann made this book enjoyable and a hard to put down book once you start reading it. I started reading about 6 am and finished this book about 9 or 10 pm lol. Like I said hard to put down! I highly recommend this book to newly married, seasoned married, and thinking of becoming married, or engaged because I can guarantee you will learn something in this book that will get you to your VERTICAL Marriage .

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REVIEW: Classic to Contemporary String Quilts by Mary M. Hogan

Get ready to stylishly bust your stash and scraps with a fresh take on a time-honored quilt-making technique: String quilts!
16 stash-busting projects include table toppers, wall hangings, and full-size bed quilts
Over 300 photos and illustrations walk you step-by-step through the techniques and projects
Step-by-step guides take you through every part of string quilting, from basics like cutting strings to specialty techniques such as using tulle
Helpful tips and suggestions can be found throughout each technique and project
Use up your stash and scraps of fabric that are too small for other projects

Strings are strips and scraps of fabric that are usually too small to be useful for most projects, but they’re just right for the fun designs in this complete step-by-step guide!
Classic to Contemporary String Quilts takes you through every step of the string quilting process with helpful tips and suggestions. The front of the book is packed with string quilt techniques, followed by 16 quilt projects with clear instructions and diagrams.
Author and quilting teacher Mary M. Hogan offers a fresh take on a fun, time-honored technique, reimagining many traditional and beloved quilt blocks—like the Card Trick or Churn Dash—as string blocks.
Using strings, each classic quilt is unique, and updated for the 21st century with bold colors and contemporary settings. From wall hangings to full-size bed quilts, these 16 fun stash-busting projects take string quilts in a new direction!
If you ever find yourself asking, “What else can I do with strings?” then Classic to Contemporary String Quilts is exactly what you’re looking for. With clearly explained techniques, more than 300 step-by-step photos and illustrations, inspiration from Mary M. Hogan, and 16 gorgeous scrappy projects, you’ve finally found the perfect way to clear out all those scraps!


This beautiful book is 65 pages long and has 13 projects to do. Each quilt is beautifully designed with step by step instructions to complete such beautiful quilts. There are instructions in the front of the book teaching you different techniques like making your own Bias Tape, ways to measure your fabric, cutting, and choosing fabrics for your projects. I highly enjoyed this book and look forward to trying to make a quilt from this book.

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REVIEW: Learn to draw Star Wars Villians

You can learn to draw classic Star Wars characters with the easy-to-follow, step-by-step method in this book.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars came to theaters. Ever since, this beloved franchise has been delighting audiences with great characters, epic adventures, and unforgettable moments. Whether it’s Luke storming the Death Star in his X-wing starfighter or Jabba the Hutt weighing fates, there are endless cherished memories from the series.
Learn to Draw Star Wars brings this franchise’s rich history to the realm of fine art. With graphite drawings by Lucasfilm collaborator Russell Walks, this 128-page guide shows artists of all skill levels how to render classic characters as detailed pencil drawings.
Step-by-step projects elegantly re-create household names, including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Darth Vader. With notes drawing on the history of each subject, Learn to Draw Star Wars helps readers deepen their Star Wars experience while strengthening their drawing skill.

My Review:

As you can see the first thing this book talks about is that this book is EASY TO FOLLOW step by step instructions , and I am here to tell you it’s not. None of these are easy to draw and if you don’t know how to draw this book will not help you once so ever. I picked this book to review along with one of the others in this series because my family loves star wars, and again I am disapointed . There are 128 pages in all , and there are step by step instructions but boy are they hard! So I would say this book was a fail like the other one, I rate these books 1 star because I liked the drawings and if it were not for that this book would get a 0 rating.

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Review:Learn to Draw Star Wars: Droids & Vehicles

With Learn to Draw Star Wars: Droids & Vehicles, you can learn how to re-create some of the most recognizable machines in the galaxy: the protocol droid C-3PO, the astromech droid BB-8, the Millennium Falcon, and more.


Inside this 128-page drawing guide, you will find step-by-step instruction on how to draw Star Wars droidsspaceships, and land transport vehicles of all shapes and sizes. My daughters and I love star wars so when I got the opportunity to review this I jumped on it. We tried to draw a few of the items but they were so hard that we gave up trying lol. Don’t get me wrong we had a blast trying to draw c-3po, r2-d2,lukes speeder, and bb-8. So with that being said I don’t think kids can draw these unless they are awesome at drawing.

As you can see, not easy at all, and you need to be a seasoned drawer.

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REVIEW: Preparing Your Heart for Marriage: Devotions for Engaged Couples By: Gary L. Thomas

The wedding is planned, but are you spiritually prepared for your wedding day? Trusted relationship author Gary Thomas coaches engaged couples on how to grow closer to the Lord in the days leading up to the wedding as a means of preparing them for all the days after the wedding.
Engagement is bursting with promise, hope, joy, and anticipation of all kinds. It can also be one of the busiest times your life. For some, planning a wedding, with all the decisions involved, can feel less like the onset of marriage and more like a long to-do list. Amidst the busyness, this devotional is designed to help you think through the spiritual priorities and challenges that lie ahead in order to grow an outstanding marriage filled with love, grace, and God’s blessing.
This lovely book provides encouraging entries that will help you deal with common issues such as:
What real intimacy means
How to celebrate your differences
Remembering to laugh together
With a special section on the marriage vows and meditations for the bride and groom, Preparing Your Heart for Marriage will help you grow in your relationship as a couple as you become closer to God.

My Review:

Gary Thomas is an amazing godly man that never fails on the self help books he has written. I have been married going on 16 years and found this book very worth the read! For those that are engaged , read this together and really take in what Gary is saying. In this book you will find out what real Intimacy is through Jesus, how to except each others differences. I look back on my own marriage and wish we would have gone through marriage classes and maybe even this book, with that said this book is great for seasoned married couples, just married, or even engaged. There are a ton of great tools in this material to help you succeed in your marriage,and hopefully keep you from divorce. So if your a godly couple this is the perfect book, those who are not christian might take this book wrong, or even get mad at the way it is written because this material is written by a very godly man.

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REVIEW:Reflections of God’s Grace Inspiring Devotions For Godly Living By Michelle Hanna

Reflections of God’s Grace Paperback – July 27, 2016
by Michelle Hanna

“Reflections of God’s Grace” is a collection of devotional messages that have simple, yet profound illustrations for Godly living. They are reminders for many of us of what we have learned through sermons, songs and Scripture. Each devotion has a group of scriptures to support the message because God’s Word is most important. Psalm 119:11 says, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” These devotions will challenge you to examine your heart and your walk with the Lord, and help you become a brighter “Reflection of God’s Grace”.

My Review:

The book in a whole has 179 pages in all. This book mainly focuses on making your relationship with God a closer one , I noticed the devotions in this book focus on different areas where your walk with God can be worked on . With that being said, I feel all of the devotions have something to do with what has happened in the author’s personal life that struck her heart strings.

Each devotion has a blessing and a prayer at the end of each day’s Devotion for you to continue your walk with Christ. If you’re looking for a fantastic devotional that with help you expand your walk with God this is the book for you,especially If your new with your walk with God this is the perfect book for you because the way this book is written it is very easy to follow what the scripture and devotions. Again, if you’re looking for something to help you get closer in your personal walk with the Lord, then this book would be a good one to add to your collection.

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REVIEW: Nirv Seek and Explore Holy Bible

Book Description

The NIrV Seek and Explore Holy Bible is about engaging the child’s whole being—heart, soul, and mind. This Bible helps children understand God’s Word by utilizing the nine common ways that children learn: Logical reasoning; Visualizing; Discussing and debating; Learning with others and using interpersonal skills; Reflection or intrapersonal skills; Emotional engagement; Experimenting and doing; Kinesthetics; and Nature.

Children are joined on their journey through the Bible by nine different animal friends who are each designed to help kids use one of the nine different ways of learning. Endearing art of an antelope, monkey, African elephant, meerkat, hippo, tiger, jaguar, panda bear, and zebra guide children from “Base Camp” to the different sites throughout the Bible that lead them through the story of God’s people.

Features of the NIrV Seek and Explore Holy Bible include:

Full color throughout

Single-column text

4 child-friendly Bible maps
8.75 point font

Presentation page

Full text of the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) of the Bible, written at a third grade reading level for developing readers

Vibrant and engaging cover


As you all know I love bibles, this one was the best little kids bible I have reviewed to date. The beginning of this bible tells you about each character (animal) in this bible, takes you on a journey and get’s you ready for the bible. I feel this bible would be great for children 2-10 years old because it’s fun and easy to understand. I am adding some pictures so you can see how this bible is Laid out and how easy it is for kids to understand. I give this bible a 5 stars out of 5 stars.

I really hope these images help you choose this bible for your child, I know you will not be disappointed.

I have received this material free from in exchange I post my honest opinion no mater good or bad.

Review: A Christmas Carol Bible Study

In the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, the reclusive curmudgeon, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited on Christmas Eve by four spirits who force him to examine his selfish ways. When Scrooge awakens on Christmas morning, he is a new man, flinging open the windows of spiritual transformation and given to an entirely new outlook on life.

A Christmas Carol Book and Bible Study Guide includes the entire book of this Dickens classic as well as Bible study discussion questions for each chapter, Scripture references, and related commentary.

Detailed character sketches and an easy-to-read book summary provide deep insights into each character while examining the book’s themes of greed, isolation, guilt, blame, compassion, generosity, transformation, forgiveness, and finally redemption. To help with those more difficult discussion questions, a complete Answer Guide is available for free online.

This complete Bible study experience is perfect for book clubs, church groups, homeschool and Christian schools as well as independent study.

Biography of Author

Alan Vermilye has worked in Christian publishing for 20 years with many top selling Bible study authors as well as Christian musicians. He is an Amazon Best Seller and the author of The Screwtape Letters Study Guide, The Screwtape Letters Study Guide for Teens, Screwtape Proposes a Toast Study Guide, The Great Divorce Study Guide, The Problem with Pain Study Guide, A Christmas Carol Study Guide, and he created the very popular Big Shiny Planet Bible Study Series used by thousands of church youth groups worldwide.

In addition, he has helped create and market hundreds of published Bible study projects including the Mere Christianity Bible Study Guide by Dr. Steven Urban and the Safe Travel Solutions security-training curriculum designed for short-term mission teams traveling overseas.

My Review:

You’ll know by now I love bibles, and bible studies. I have tried to see all the varied Christmas Carol’s because it is one of many favorites of mine. Mater of fact my church put on a play to A Christmas Carol a few years ago where my two daughter’s and I were carolers. I found this study to be uplifting and refreshing especially for this time of year. This study has 5 Staves and 5 questions area after each Stave. The questions are really made for this generation which I love because my 12 year old wants to do this study with a few friends now. I love the three ghost chapters they really helped me see a bigger picture, one I never saw biblically. Yes I would buy this as a gift for a friend or family , and yes I feel tween and older could understand and enjoy this take on “A Christmas Carol”. Here are a few images for you so you can see this book is well written and a pretty great study to do this time of the year.

I received  this material free in exchange  for my honest opinion.

REVIEW: Family Tree Factbook

Discover your roots!

The answers to all your genealogy questions in one place! This convenient, timesaving collection of genealogy hacks gathers the best resources, tips, lists, and need-to-know facts from the experts at Family Tree Magazine. Inside, you’ll find fast facts about a variety of family history topics, such as important dates in US history, the different kinds of DNA tests, and how to use the best genealogy websites.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Key genealogy lists and statistics: common genealogy abbreviations and acronyms, a glossary of genetic genealogy terms, genealogy pitfalls to avoid, and more
  • Strategies for tracking your ancestors in important documents (including census records, passenger lists, and military records) and performing important genealogical tasks (such as searching
  • A size perfect for carrying with you wherever your research may lead
    Discover your roots!

    The answers to all your genealogy questions in one place! This convenient, timesaving collection of genealogy hacks gathers the best resources, tips, lists, and need-to-know facts from the experts at Family Tree Magazine. Inside, you’ll find fast facts about a variety of family history topics, such as important dates in US history, the different kinds of DNA tests, and how to use the best genealogy websites.

    Inside, you’ll find:

    • Key genealogy lists and statistics: common genealogy abbreviations and acronyms, a glossary of genetic genealogy terms, genealogy pitfalls to avoid, and more
    • Strategies for tracking your ancestors in important documents (including census records, passenger lists, and military records) and performing important genealogical tasks (such as searching
    • A size perfect for carrying with you wherever your research may lead.


With 224 pages, this book is full of fantastic resources for you to use to find your past relatives. My favorite parts were all the strategies to help, military records, census records, and any important dates can help. This book also helps teach you genealogy terms to help find info you are looking for. Since reading this book, I have found three more generations on my mom’s side. Please enjoy this sneak peek and yes If your into genealogy this book is for you, and would make a great gift.

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Review :Blue Bible




I know I’ve  said that bibles are my favorite to review many times, but when I saw this bible I knew I had  review it. Maps in full color, timelines in full color, and some things here and there throughout the bible . I love how large the print is and how easy to read this bible is. I was going to give this bible to my daughter for Christmas but I gave her this bible today and she loves her new bible. If you didn’t  notice I also reviewed the Pink bible that’s  just like this one. I would recommend  this bible to any child in need of a great learning bible.

Thank you Booklook blogger for the opportunity to review this material in exchange for my honest opinion on this material .