Review: I’m Possible

I’m PossibleJumping into Fear and Discovering a Life of Purpose

By Jeremy Cowart 
Published by Thomas Nelson

Book Description

Internationally known photographer and philanthropist Jeremy Cowart uses snapshots of his own story to inspire readers with the message that all things are possible when we actively engage our God-given purpose to change the world.

Recognized as “the most influential photographer on the Internet,” Jeremy Cowart is known as a photographer, hotelier, fund-raiser, teacher, artist, world uniter, lover of life, and man of adventure. What fans don’t always know is that Jeremy started out as a failure.

Growing up, Jeremy’s life was defined by the words I can’t do it. Thankfully, Jeremy’s parents reprogrammed his mind with a single sentence: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That simple truth propelled Jeremy to achieve greatness in many forms, including

running photo shoots with A-list clients, such as Sting, the Kardashians, President Obama, the Pope, and many more,
launching the Help-Portrait movement to invest dignity and value in people from underserved communities and who were victims of tragedy, and
launching the Purpose Hotel as a for-profit hotel chain designed to fuel the work of not-for-profit organizations.

I’m Possible is an extension of Jeremy’s belief that greatness must serve a greater purpose. It’s a book that will inspire readers with the message that all things are possible when we actively engage our God-given purpose to change the world.

My Review:

I’m possible is a very good book, if you suffer from depression and you feel like your life means nothing I highly recommend this book. Jeremy was not a very well known person until he became the most influential photographer on the Internet ,and that was around 2014. Since then Jeremy has gone on to accomplish a lot of his dreams and he also helps with a few ministries.

Growing up Jeremy felt very out of place like he was a big time failure academically speaking he was not very good, he constantly would bring home what a lot of kids would call really bad grades you know c’s d’s and f’s, He would tell his parents he couldn’t do it and he actually believed he couldn’t do anything it’s not that he was lazy he just seriously thought that he was not capable of doing something ,but they would always tell him one thing and that thing was Jeremy” you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”

So when Jeremy started showing his artwork to his parents and they got to see how good he was at art they pushed him and encouraged him to pursue his dream ,they believed in him and constantly encouraged him to help give him a higher selfesteem.

That’s when Jeremy finally was taking his art work and turning it in and finally was noticed and was ranked as the most Influential photographer of the Internet.

Jeremy’s story of how he struggled his whole life and dug his way up out of the darkness and realize that God’s words applied in scripture to our lives can actually transform yourself to be a better person build yourself up and make a difference in the world.

If you ask me Jeremy is now leaving a legacy behind him for his Family showing how God worked in his life through scripture and hopefully he’ll inspire others to do the same.

I also feel that this book is for anybody , especially with a creativity side and are gifted those that want to impact the world so that God can help them leave a legacy behind for their loved ones , this book is for you . I loved reading this book so much that I had my 13 year old read it and she loves it too. I’d rate this material 41/2 stars.

I received this material free and exchange for my honest opinion no matter of good or bad.

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