Review of ” Keep Showing Up”

Book Description
It is true that opposites attract–for a while. But often as the years go by in our marriages, opposites may also begin to attack. The habits and characteristics we once found endearing about our significant other are the exact things that drive us crazy years later!
Whether you and your spouse disagree about finances, parenting, or how to load the dishwasher, your differences don’t need to divide you. They can actually bring you closer together–and closer to God.
In Keep Showing Up, Karen Ehman shows you…
How to play to each other's strengths as you work on your own weaknesses The difference between having a soul mate and having a sole mate How to become a faithful forgiver who also forgets Strategies for avoiding the social media comparison trap Why it's dangerous to mimic a friend's marriage How to unearth the magic in the mundane Why a spouse who drives you crazy can drive you straight to Jesus
Throughout Keep Showing Up, Karen includes ideas to implement in your marriage right now, such as powerful statements to speak to your spouse, date-night-on-a-shoestring suggestions, and discussion starters. Discover how your “incompatibility” can become the strength of your marital team in this real-life guide to both living with and loving your spouse–differences and all.

My Personal Review

Wow where to start, I love this book so much because of how it is written. Karen Ehman did a fantastic job helping people see into their marriage with clear vision , no rose colored glasses here! I am on page 51 and decided to review what I have read thus this far because I need to start at page 1 again , but this time with highlighters and a note pad so I can take notes. I LOVE the “Love Attracts, love Attacks” analogy because men and women are created VERY differently, the falling out of love, the need to cheat, and hurtful words, or even the words that are not being spoken can Attack you! One of my favorite parts thus far would be the way she described her and her husband in the car together , or how she read into how he was thinking but really he was thinking about WAY different things than she thought he was, I am guilty of that for sure and I bet the majority of us lady’s do that.

Karen is very to the point but with some humor to keep you wanting to read more, I love how she talks about her own struggles in her marriage , and the pains she has experienced because I think this book has something in it for every lady out there! I love how she helps you see what god wants your marriage to be like, stop fighting over money, parenting, come together as one and be on the same page. that doesn’t mean you have to always agree on everything , just means you compromise and work together. Like I have herd over and over , ” A couple that prays together stay’s together”, not sure if that is 100% true but I like the thought of that. So with 51 pages read and 223 pages total in this book I can’t wait to dig way deeper into this with my highlighters, notebook, and prayers along the way. Please give this book a chance, I want to order a few for friends that is how much I love it so far!

I received this material from Booklookbloggers free in exchange for my honest opinion no matter good or bad.

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