Review of ” Hand Sewing Magic”

.Hand Sewing Magic is an essential reference to all things stitching, featuring how-tos for dozens of stitches, from the basics for sewing and mending to stunning embroidered embellishment.

Hand Sewing Magic is a modern, all-in-one guide for hand stitchers of all levels of skill and experience, and for all applications. In this unique guide book you will:

Get an in-depth overview of essential tools and materials, including thread, needles, fabric, and other key supplies.

Explore a comprehensive visual dictionary of 35 stitches plus dozens of variations, from basic mending to stylish decorative embellishment to unique art stitching.

Discover key techniques, from starting and ending threads to the right way to use an embroidery hoop, from stitching curved shapes to color shading, and more.
Learn essential tips and tricks from influential and innovative stitchers, including Joanne Sharpe, Allison Aller, and Catherine Redford.

10 simple and stunning projects show unique ways to use stitches and techniques.
With Hand Sewing Magic, you’ll make the most of your hand stitching and give all your projects a beautiful handmade look.

My Personal Review

I love hand sewing I honestly think it is more personable than sewing on a machine so when I got the chance to review ” Hand Sewing Magic” I had to review it. I like that there are only a hand full of projects because this book shows you step by step in color how to do each stitching by hand. Not many books like this give you good visual instructions , but this one was fantastic! I learned 5 new stitches last week from this book, and can’t wait to put them to good use.

Please enjoy these pictures of some of my favorites, and thank you for reading my review today.

I received this material free from NetGalley in exchange for my Honest opinion no matter how good or how bad.

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